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BERLIN. One of the most discussed discourses in the political environment of some Western countries, especially Germany, is “feminist foreign policy”.

The discourse developing against foreign policy approaches traditionally dominated by men and masculine language will soon be implemented as the official line adopted by the German government.

Annalena Burbock, Germany’s first female foreign minister, has taken Sweden as an example, announcing that it will be pursuing a feminist foreign policy for the first time in 2014, to the stage of presenting it to the government. and the public by producing an 80-page guide that includes feminist foreign policy and its main thrusts.

Emphasizing that she will pursue a “feminist foreign policy” when she takes office in the fall of 2021, Burbock argues that the foreign policy pursued so far has led to the exclusion and discrimination of women, and that this causes inequality, and if it continues, peace, stability and development cannot be achieved in the world.

“We are pursuing a feminist foreign policy because we desperately need it”

In the new foreign policy framework prepared by Burbock, which is likely to be adopted tomorrow by the German government, gender equality in foreign policy should be at the center of it. “We are pursuing a feminist foreign policy because we desperately need it. Women and men are still unequal in the world,” Burbock said in the introduction to the guide. This is a foreign policy concept not for women, but for all members. society.”

In this context, while under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it is planned to develop new working methods and structures for the implementation of a targeted feminist foreign policy, it is envisaged to create a special embassy that deals only with this issue and significantly increase the number of women in leadership positions.

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The other goal is to spend 85 percent of the ministry’s financial support on a “gender-sensitive approach” and 8% on a “transformative gender approach” in the next period. In other words, this goal means that supported projects should include women’s equality and feminist approaches.

It is currently unclear if the government will formally adopt a feminist foreign policy, or if Germany will reconsider its economic cooperation with countries such as Iran, China and Afghanistan, where women are marginalized or their human rights are systematically violated.

Sweden, pioneer of “feminist foreign policy”

In 2014, Sweden became the first country to formally declare a feminist foreign policy and place gender equality at the center of its relations with other countries.

Sweden was followed by countries such as Canada, Mexico, France and Spain. While Sweden has long been seen as a model model in this context, it has also been accused of having the concept only exist on paper.

The right-wing populist coalition, which came into government last fall, said the concept of a feminist foreign policy would no longer be the defining one. The feminist foreign policy of the social democratic government before her caused diplomatic problems with Saudi Arabia, to which Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador in Stockholm, to which Sweden responded by canceling the arms sale agreement.

In Germany, a coalition that came to government in December 2021 promised to follow a feminist foreign policy in a government contract.

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