“Gas Union” marches from three countries – MIR


Russia is considering creating a “natural gas union” to support natural gas supplies to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and to supply energy to other countries, including China.News in the Russian news agency Interfax, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexander NovakBased on the application. Novak did not provide information on the functioning of said union or the stage of negotiations. Kassym Genert TokayevAccording to a Russian Federation official, Russian President Vladimir Putin floated the idea of ​​a “gas union” in his meeting with Tokayev yesterday. Apart from the gas pipelines, there is another natural gas pipeline that runs through the two countries and reaches China. However, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have never made any announcements that they were transferring Russian natural gas to China or some other country. On the other hand, Chinese President Xi According to news on the Chinese state news channel CCTV, Xi said that cooperation between the two countries will promote energy security in a message that he sent to the energy forum of China and Russia.

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