In Dubai, gamers are increasingly prominent as the gaming industry gains traction in the city.


E-sports have become a worldwide phenomenon, and their global worth was valued at €121 billion in the final year.

Gaming presents large economic rewards and the enterprise is predicted to attain €710 million throughout the GCC location by means of the stop of 2021. But no longer anybody is in it for the money.

Gamer and twitch streamer Hanna ‘Zahlyn’ Öberg says she bought into gaming severely as a fourteen-year-old.

My brother added me to on-line gaming and received me hooked

Hanna ‘Zahlyn’ Öberg


Hanna now often streams her video games online. She tells us that when she performs this, she has a camera filming her face and she additionally displays the live feed of people who are staring at her gameplay.

Gamer Hanna ‘Zahlyn’ Öberg

The debate over gaming being seen as a recreation continues, however its credibility and dominance in the leisure world are undeniable.

Millions of followers and athletes tune in for most important tournaments on streaming structures like Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

Yalla Esports, like many of the expert groups in Dubai, are focussing on unlocking the achievable of aspiring expert players, casters, analysts and commentators.

Pro-gaming careers are short; at 20 years old, a player is considered too old to compete. However, there are other ways to make money in the gaming industry, such as teaching or broadcasting. Klaus Kajetski, founder and CEO of, says that “there is a professional route even after that form of quick pro-gaming career.”

Klaus Kajetski, Founder CEO, Yalla Esports

The developing use of smartphones, blockchain technological know-how and on line gaming has additionally been a key factor, riding the boom of the market globally.

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