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Iran has warned the European Union not to list the Revolutionary Guards as terrorists. Iran said that “if the EU does this, it will shoot itself in the foot.” Finally, the EU Parliament called on member states to include the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on the list of terrorists.

“We have repeatedly stated that the Revolutionary Guard is an official and sovereign organization that is designed to guarantee the security of Iran,” Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Emir Abdullahian said in a telephone conversation with EU High Representative for Foreign Relations Josep Borrell.

Abdullahian also said that the decision taken by the European Parliament would be “a shot in the foot for Europe.” The Iranian foreign minister also said that if the Revolutionary Guards are included in the list of terrorists, Iran will also respond.

The European Parliament on Wednesday called for the inclusion of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards in the list of terrorist organizations for their disproportionate use of power to suppress protests in the country and for supplying Russia with drones in the war in Ukraine.

According to the Iranian news agency IRNA, the EU warning came from the Iranian Armed Forces, which provides coordination between the Iranian army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. “The latest act of the European Parliament is unique in international rules and regulations and will affect regional peace as well as global peace,” the statement said. The European Parliament must also be aware of such implications. The same statement also accused Western states of being behind the ongoing protests in Iran.

Protests continue in Iran, which began in September after Mahsa Amini was detained by the vice police on the grounds that she did not cover her head properly and later died at the police station. The European Parliament condemns the attitude of the security forces, including the Revolutionary Guard, towards the protesters.

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