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French President Emmanuel Macron is leaving for Washington tomorrow for a three-day state visit.

Macron, who, like former President Donald Trump, will host President Biden at his first official White House dinner, will be the first French president to receive two official visits from the United States.

During his second official visit to Washington, Macron will speak with President Joe Biden about the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides huge subsidies to some key sectors, especially electric car manufacturers, and undermines the competitiveness of the European economy. Macron will ask Biden to introduce exemptions for European firms.

Emmanuel Macron begins his official state visit to the United States at the highest protocol level of diplomatic relations on Tuesday, November 29.

Macron, who made his first transatlantic state visit under former President Donald Trump in 2008, will be the first leader to receive a second visit from the White House.

The Élysée sees this as “evidence of the strength of the special relationship between the two countries and of an extremely strong alliance fueled by dynamic dialogue.”

Biden to Discuss Inflation Act

The Élysée Palace says that Macron plans to obtain concessions from Biden for “European industrialists punishable by American law.”

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which went into effect last August, aims to cut spending by the US population. The law provides huge subsidies not only for energy and climate, but also for electric vehicles, batteries and renewable energy projects.

However, many subsidies will only be paid on US-made goods. For example, American steel will be subsidized for wind farm projects. Or instead of German electric BMWs, American Tesla cars will be preferred.

Macron’s visit to Washington was planned to ease tensions that had been strained by President Joe Biden accepting an Australian nuclear submarine contract from France shortly after he took office.

The French president hopes to return to his country through bilateral cooperation agreements and the creation of a “safe and open friendship.” However, the subsidy law, introduced by the US administration in August to fight inflation, has outpaced these plans.

The French presidency says that after the $350 to $400 billion subsidy in the latest IRA law, Europe will find it difficult to compete with the US in terms of resources.

“We know that there is a small chance that the US Congress will make changes to the IRA. But we can consider the possibility that the Biden administration will agree to exemptions for certain European sectors, as well as for Mexico and Canada,” advisers from Macron’s team said.

Is it possible to “Buy a European act”?

The Macron administration argues that EU countries must move forward together against these harsh competitive conditions by passing the European Purchase Act, which will support the purchase of European goods in order to remain in global competition without exception.

The French Presidency argues that this is in the common interest of all of Europe, saying: “We cannot risk the de-industrialization of Europe when our goal is reindustrialization. It is not easy to pass a common law, but we must find ways to support this competition in Europe.”

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced last week that the IRA law would completely abolish conditions for equal competition and that they would apply to the World Trade Organization (WTO) if necessary.

According to Paris, the almost $400 billion bill is too protectionist in its goal of decarbonizing the American economy and punishing European efforts in the same direction.

“Fair competition with equal hands”

On November 8, Emmanuel Macron complained to a business audience about Washington’s “hostile attitude” and expressed his desire to speak at the White House for “fair competition on an equal footing.”

Paris hopes to receive “benefits” from the US administration, which wants to return a significant part of the industrial investments associated with the energy transition, thereby “mitigating the impact of the IRA on European companies.”

Looking from Paris, the Elysian diplomats, who said Europe paid more for the Ukrainian war, energy and inflation crises, emphasize that “these relations need to be resynchronized.”

During an official visit by French President Macron, who made his first official visit to the United States in April 2018 during President Trump’s presidency, on Wednesday he said: “Towards a stronger path to emerge from the Ukraine crisis together, relations between the United States and Europe must be rebuilt and strengthened together. They are also expected to give political signals such as the desire

Special dinner for the Macron couple from Biden

Joe and Jill Biden will host a special dinner for the Macron couple at the White House on Wednesday. On Thursday evening, a gala dinner in Macron’s honor will be held at the White House.

Emmanuel Macron will travel to New Orleans, Louisiana at the end of his visit.

Macron will kick off his tour on Wednesday morning with a meeting with the US press.

He will then take part in a bilateral space cooperation program with Vice President Kamala Harris.

After lunch with the US Congressional Biodiversity Panel, the state visit program will begin.

Macron will begin Thursday by laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Military Cemetery.

In the afternoon, there will be a meeting on “cooperation in the nuclear field” with the participation of at least 4 ministers, as well as important American and French players in the nuclear field.

At the end of the day, Macron will address the French community living in and around Washington DC.

The French President and his wife Brigitte Macron would later be received at the White House for a private dinner with Joe and Jill Biden.

The political weight of the trip will be tested on Thursday, December 1st. President Biden will hold a lengthy bilateral meeting after receiving the Macron couple in military ceremony and in the presence of many guests around 9:00 am.

After this meeting, the leaders of the two countries will hold a joint press conference.

Macron will meet for lunch with Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. The two houses of Congress will then meet with the heads of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

On Thursday, the official trip will end with a gala dinner in the White House in honor of the Macrons, which will be attended by hundreds of guests.

Teaching French and climate messages in New Orleans

Macron will fly to New Orleans on the morning of December 2, the third day of his trip. He will announce the creation of a fund to support the study of French in American schools off the coast of the Mississippi.

Macron’s visit to the US, which will discuss climate issues with the governor of Louisiana, weakened by climate problems and rising waters, will end with a march in the French Quarter in New Orleans, where music and culture will be painted.

Busy schedule, crowded team

During this visit, Macron will be accompanied by Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna and 6 ministers and parliamentarians.

One of the richest businessmen in the world, LVMH Moët Hennessy • Berbar Arnault, head of Louis Vuitton, Patrick Pouyang, head of Total Energies, Luc Remond, head of nuclear giant EDF, and Xavier Niel, head of Free Telecom. delegation.

The delegation will be joined by names from the world of science, such as NASA astronauts Dranless Thomas Pescet and Sophie Adenot, and names from the art world, such as ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied and American writer Douglas Kennedy.

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