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The Ocean Viking, which rescued 234 immigrants who drowned in the Mediterranean while crossing from Africa to Europe, anchored in France, continues to create a crisis in the European Union. The immigrants who first created the diplomatic crisis between Rome and Paris are now waiting to be divided among the 11 EU countries.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said the immigrant investigation was ongoing and announced that 44 immigrants, whose status they checked one by one, would be sent back to the country they came from.

Asked about this in the French Parliament, Interior Minister Darmanin said that at least 44 out of 234 asylum seekers were denied asylum and that these people would be deported as soon as their health condition allowed.

Ocean Viking, the rescue ship of SOS Mediterranee, has requested permission to anchor the 234 migrants it rescued from the Mediterranean a month ago in ports in Italy, the closest country in terms of international maritime law. However, Italy did not allow a ship full of immigrants to dock in Italian ports, stating that there was no provision for “recovered immigrants” in the law of the sea.

“exclusive permission” from France

After a three-week voyage of Ocean Viking, due to the deteriorating health of migrants, the French government allowed the ship to call at the military port of Toulon “for humanitarian reasons.”

In the south, on the Gien peninsula in the city of Toulon, the French Ministry of the Interior, which has turned the resort into a closed “international waiting center” where migrants cannot leave, has said that these migrants will not be considered “entering France.” territory.”

The Home Office began processing immigrant asylum applications after they passed intelligence and medical checks.

Survivors will be sent to 11 European countries

The French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (Ofpra), which conducts the first evaluation of immigrant applications to decide whether they will be admitted to French territory, continues to examine the situation of each immigrant individually.

French Minister Gérald Darmanin, who contacted EU interior ministers, said they aim to close the temporary center in about 20 days and complete deportation procedures for rejected immigrants before the camp closes.

Darmanin, who has been the target of criticism of the right to admit new immigrants to France, announced that not all immigrants will stay in France when he submitted a law to Parliament providing for the deportation of undocumented immigrants with a faster procedure.

In response to a question addressed to him at the General Assembly of Parliament, he said: “There are 60 migrants who can apply for asylum. Especially immigrants from Syria, Eritrea and Sudan. I contacted the interior ministers of 11 EU countries and these countries. agreed to divide the immigrants. Thus, there are 60 people in the European territory. “The 44 people whose applications were rejected will be sent back to their countries as soon as their health conditions allow,” he said.

Growing anti-immigration sentiment in Europe

With the addition of war and economic crisis to the growing far right in Europe, anti-immigration opposition in Europe is on the rise. The first entry of migrants into Italy, as it is the closest port, often leads to tensions between Italy and neighboring countries.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, one of the government’s hawkish politicians, is sharply critical of the new far-right Italian government, which refuses to open its ports to Ocean Viking ships despite maritime law, saying: “The attitude of the Italian government is extremely inhumane. There will be consequences of such an attitude in other areas of our bilateral relations,” he said.

Far-right Italian Prime Minister Giorgio Meloni, who has just taken office and is experiencing his first diplomatic crisis with France, denounced France’s statements, arguing that the solidarity mechanisms envisaged at the European level are not enough and that Italy has taken all the burden, and they should show more solidarity with their EU partners in the field of migration.

According to the International Organization for Migration, “1,891 migrants trying to reach Europe” have disappeared in the Mediterranean since the beginning of the year.

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