Former Twitter manager turned out to be a CIA agent


According to the latest documents shared by Elon Musk about the activities of former Twitter executives, he claimed to work for agencies such as the FBI and CIA.

Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, through freelance journalist Matt Taibbi, released the ninth of the documents, titled “Twitter Files”, which included activities from the previous period. Journalist Taibbi explained on his Twitter account that Twitter practices surveillance and censorship in cooperation with various government agencies, including the FBI, State Department, CIA and the Pentagon.

In addition, Taibi Noting that Twitter has an intense communication network with many government agencies, on June 29, 2020, one of the FBI agents in San Francisco, Elvis Chan, asked a Twitter employee: “Is it allowed to inform and invite “another government agency”? to the conference? He posted an email asking. Taibbi, who said that Chan’s “other government agency” meant the CIA, wrote that the message made it clear that one of the former Twitter administrators was a former CIA agent.

On the other hand, in the sensational incident, the journalist also shared an email in which Stasia Cardill, one of the company’s former legal advisers, was aware of the agent in question and included the phrase: “I hope my silence on this case is understandable.”

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