First death from COVID in 6 months in China – WORLD


The outbreak of COVID-19 in China recorded the first death of people since May 26.An 87-year-old man living in Beijing has died from the virus, according to a statement from the National Health Commission.It was the first reported death from the virus in the country since May 26. cases increased with the prevalence of highly contagious subvariants in the country. The number of daily cases over the past 5 days has exceeded 20,000. Despite the small number of cases relative to the population and most of them showing no signs of illness, China continues to implement strict epidemic control measures referred to as “zero cases”. The strategy to stop COVID-19 cases where they occur and interrupt the transmission chain includes strict and wide-ranging measures such as quarantine, travel restrictions, mass testing, restriction or closure of businesses in manufacturing, trade and services. These measures not only interfere with the normal course of life, but also lead to discussions in terms of their economic costs.

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