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FIFA President Gianni Infantino has come under fire for hosting the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. “In response to the criticism of Qatar, Europe must first apologize for what it has done for 3,000 years,” Infantino said.

On Sunday, November 20, the FIFA World Cup kicks off in Qatar. However, since the day the organization of the World Cup was handed over to Qatar, harsh criticism has followed. Chief among them is the problem of human rights violations in Qatar.

Qatar has also come under fire in recent days over issues such as LGBTI+ rights, the plight of migrant workers and the ban on alcohol in stadiums for fans.

FIFA president Infantino addressed the cameras at a press conference ahead of the organization starting on Sunday and responded to criticism.

“Europe must apologize for 3,000 years”

Infantino, especially in relation to criticism of human rights violations, said: “I am European. “We must apologize for the next 3,000 years for what we have done for 3,000 years before teaching a moral lesson,” he said.

“I find it hard to understand the criticism,” said the FIFA president, “we must invest in education for the future and give hope to these people. We all need to educate ourselves. Much is not perfect, but reforms and changes take time. Giving a one-sided moral lesson is just hypocrisy,” he said.

Stating that it had been 12 years since the organization was handed over to Qatar and that Qatar had completed their cup preparations in that time, Infantino said: “Qatar is ready, Doha is ready and this will undoubtedly be the best World Cup ever.”

Infantino explained that he himself grew up as a child in a family of immigrants and knows the difficulties of immigrant life. The FIFA President said that he was very well aware of the feeling of discrimination for this reason.

Infantino also responded to criticism of Iran’s participation in the tournament. Infantino defended, saying: “There is no struggle on the field between two regimes, two ideologies, there are football teams on the field.” Some argued that Iran should not be included in the organization due to the regime’s harsh attitude towards the ongoing protests in Iran.

Infantino: “What kind of world will we live in if at least football does not bring us together? Iran is home to 80 million people. Are all these people bad or are they all monsters? used his words.

When asked about a ban on the sale of alcohol in stadiums in Qatar, Infantino said they tried to get permission on this issue until the last moment, but were never able to get it.

The FIFA President said that they received the highest level of guarantees from the Qatari administration so that LGBTI representatives could easily come to Qatar and follow the competition.

News has appeared in the media that 6,500 migrant workers have died in the construction of stadiums built for the World Cup in Qatar. Recalling this, the FIFA President explained what is being done to improve the situation of labor migrants, and said that compensation to the families of the dead labor migrants is guaranteed by law.

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