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Export of Chinese-made wind turbines increasedIn recent days, the southern port of Shanghai has witnessed the dispatch of cargo ships with wind turbine blades and various parts to go to foreign countries.For example, on February 11, the Singaporean freighter Ru Yi II left for Japan with 18 blades and 503 wind turbine spare parts. The Pacific Endeavor, which arrived from Hong Kong on the same day, will travel to New Zealand, purchasing 42 blades and 800 spare parts belonging to the wind farm.

Strikingly, wind turbine manufacturers in the Lingang Industrial Park in eastern Shanghai have accelerated their export-oriented efforts to gain a higher share in overseas markets.

Chinese wind turbine exports have grown rapidly in recent years; In fact, this export volume represents about 60 percent of the global wind turbine market. In fact, the export-oriented activity in the Shanghai South Port is just a sign of the presence of Chinese wind turbines, which are becoming increasingly competitive in the global market.

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