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The EU will provide more support for green industry– Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission:
“In the coming decades, we will witness the greatest industrial transformation of our time. Those who develop and produce the technologies that will power the economy of tomorrow will have the greatest competitive advantage.”
– “Need to be able to compete with offers and incentives available outside the EU”
BRUSSELS (AA) – President of the Commission of the European Union (EU) Ursula von der LeyenVon der Leyen spoke at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. Today, high inflation increases the cost of living and working, and energy is a weapon. Von der Leyen emphasized that climate change remains important and there is no time to lose in the transition to a clean economy Background der Leyen, who recalled that the EU wants to reach the goal of net zero emissions in less than 30 years, said the path to net zero emissions; Von der Leyen said: “In the coming decades, we will witness the greatest industrial transformation of our time. Those who develop and produce the technologies that will power the economy of tomorrow will have the greatest competitive advantage.” Recalling that the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that the market for clean energy technologies will reach $650 billion a year by 2030, von der Leyen said: “To stay ahead of the competition, we must strengthen our industrial base and strive to make Europe a more favorable for investment and innovation. We must take steps.” Von der Leyen recalled that they have taken the first step towards making the continent climate-friendly by 2050 with the European Green Deal. “Cleantech is currently the fastest growing investment sector in Europe,” said von der Leyen. Von der Leyen stressed that other major economies are also turning to cleantech and said Japan, India, England and Canada have disclosed their investment plans in this area. Worried about US lawUrsula von der Leyen pointed out that the US Inflation Reduction Act also includes a $369 billion clean tech investment plan, adding that some elements in the design of the US law, especially some targeted incentives for companies, are of concern. Von der Leyen stressed that EU and US stimulus programs must be fair and complementary. We need to better support our industry,” von der Leyen said, adding that we need to act quickly to become a leader in this field. .- “We are seeing aggressive attempts to bring our industrial capacity to China or elsewhere,” with supply chain issues and price shocks. “We are seeing aggressive attempts to bring our industrial capacity to China or other countries. We have a plan; European Sectoral Green Deal Plan. This is our plan to make Europe a center for clean technologies and industrial innovation on the path to zero emissions. Our European Sector Plan for Environmental Reconciliation will cover 4 pillars: the regulatory environment, finance, skills and trade.” It is argued that they need to create a regulatory environment that will provide favorable conditions for sectors that are very important to achieve zero emissions quickly. , von der Leyen said these sectors will be provided with wind, heat and electricity, pumps, solar power, clean hydrogen and storage. Preparation of a new branch lawStressing that they will introduce a new Zero Clean Industry Act to help ensure a favorable environment for investment, von der Leyen noted that the new Zero Industry Act will set clear targets for cleantech in Europe by 2030. We will look specifically at how to simplify and expedite the issuance of clean technology permits,” von der Leyen said, adding that important clean technology projects will be approved faster and their funding will be easier.Von der Leyen said the Zero Emissions Industry Act will go hand in hand with the Critical Raw Materials Act.Recalling that Europe is currently 98 percent dependent on China for rare earths, which are vital for key technologies such as wind power, hydrogen storage or batteries, and 90 percent of lithium production is in three countries, von der Leyen said that this the situation raises prices. “We need to improve the recycling, recycling and recycling of raw materials in Europe,” von der Leyen said, adding that a club of critical raw materials could be formed with like-minded partners.– Investments in clean technologies will be supportedUrsula von der Leyen Noting that the second pillar of the European Green Deal industry plan is increased investment and financing for clean technology production, he said: “To make European industry attractive, it is necessary to be able to compete with the offers and incentives currently available outside the country.” EU”. Von der Leyen said they will propose a temporary change to the state aid rules to speed up investment and streamline processes, thereby facilitating settlements, streamlining procedures and speeding up approvals.– EU-wide financing preparationPresident of the EU Commission from Leyen, “We must also increase EU funding to support the transition to clean technologies throughout the Union. This year we will prepare the European Sovereignty Fund as part of our budget preliminary review.” said. Von der Leyen said the fund will provide a structural solution to boost resources for manufacturing-focused strategic industrial projects. Pointing out that trade should be done on equal terms and fairness, von der Leyen said that if that doesn’t happen, she should “Electric Vehicles of China or von der Leyen emphasized that global production is dominated by sectors such as solar panels and stressed the importance of equal competition in the net zero process. “This is done with the promise of cheap energy, lower labor force. spending and a more flexible regulatory environment. China also provides huge subsidies to its industry and limits the access of EU companies to its market.” Von der Leyen said they will need to work and continue to trade with China, especially as they move towards zero emissions, adding that they must use all means to combat bad practices in the process.
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