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EU prepares to introduce stricter rules for major digital platformsThe European Union (EU) has been collecting user numbers in Europe from major digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to enforce strict regulations.Under the Digital Services Law, the EU Commission announced that today is the deadline for all digital platforms and search engines, except small businesses, to provide data about their users in the Union countries. According to the statement, the main platforms will have to report their users. figures in the EU every 6 months. Large digital platforms and search engines with large numbers of users will have to comply with stricter rules. Additional benefits such as limitation of disinformation, rapid removal of illegal content, better protection of minors online, risk assessments, risk mitigation measures and external audits. These digital platforms will be reviewed by the EU Commission. Digital platforms that violate the rule may be subject to penalties of up to 6 percent of their global turnover. In case of repetition of violations, the activities of these digital platforms in the EU may be terminated.

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