EU plans to announce new sanctions against Russia on war anniversary


EU plans to announce new sanctions against Russia on war anniversaryThe European Union (EU) is expected to announce its 10th round of sanctions against Russia on February 24, the anniversary of the attack on Ukraine.The EU Council on Foreign Relations, which brings together EU foreign ministers, will meet in Brussels on Monday. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba will also attend the meeting, chaired by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell. At the meeting, it is planned to finalize a new package of sanctions against Russia. A senior EU official told reporters that he could not provide details of the sanctions, but the new package was expected to be passed on February 24. von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, spoke about the content of the sanctions the day before. Accordingly, the 10th package includes bans on the export of industrial and technological products, various spare parts and products that can be used both in military and civilian purposes, as well as new measures to prevent violating or circumventing existing sanctions. He wants so that it covers many industrial products that it cannot obtain from other countries such as China. These include vital products such as electronics, special equipment, machine and engine parts, spare parts for trucks and jet engines, as well as products such as antennas or cranes that the construction industry can send to the Russian army. With 47 electronic components , which can be used in weapons systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles, missiles and helicopters, elements and thermal cameras are also planned to be limited. The EU aims to include third-country organizations for the first time in the scope of sanctions on dual-use products to prevent entry into Russia through different routes. – Use of EU funds for UkraineUkraine at the meeting of EU foreign ministers Continued political, financial and military support will also be discussed. In this context, how to use the “European Peace Fund” will be evaluated. An extrabudgetary fund instrument used by the EU for arms assistance. The meeting will also discuss such proposals as the purchase of MiG-29 combat aircraft in the hands of some countries at the expense of this fund and their transfer to Ukraine. as well as Iran and Afghanistan. Ministers are expected to adopt new sanctions against Iran due to their actions against protesters due to Mahs Emini’s demonstrations in Iran. It is stated that the sanctions will affect individuals and organizations involved in human rights violations. It is noted that Iran’s military assistance to Russia, which attacked Ukraine, will also be on the ministers’ table. In addition, the Taliban administration in Afghanistan encourages the education of girls, the place of women in society and women, working in humanitarian organizations. The question of how to respond to practices such as imposing a ban will also be discussed at the meeting in Brussels. to continue humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan, EU officials say sanctions against the Taliban administration are not on the agenda at this stage.

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