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Elon Musk signed another scandalFour cleaners working at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco told the BBC that they were fired without severance pay after Elon Musk took over.from workers Julio AlvaradoAlvarado said he’s been on Twitter for 10 years and the atmosphere has always been friendly, but that all changed with Musk’s acquisition of the company in October. He quoted a person as saying cleaning would soon “be a thing of the past.” because robots will sooner or later replace people.Protests have been going on since November 5“I can only tell you that I have no money to pay the rent. I won’t have health insurance. I do not know what to do”. The rest of the workers have been fired. Adrianna Villarreal, Juana Laura Chavero Ramirez and President of the Union of Cleaners Olga Miranda A small group of cleaners have been protesting in front of the Twitter building in San Francisco since November 5th.The reaction of the authorities to the MuskSan Francisco City Attorney David Chiu, said it was investigating whether Musk violated the law to fire cleaners without compensation. In a statement to the BBC, Chiu told the BBC that Musk had flouted labor laws in the past. Member of the California State Senate Scott Viner He also said that the cleaners were treated “horribly”. Wiener said: “In the short term Elon MuskI want cleaners to treat their cleaners like people and re-hire them instead of firing them on Christmas Eve.”Elon MuskAfter the social network Twitter bought him for $44 billion, layoffs began.

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