Dumping nuclear waste into the sea is not Japan’s private business


Dumping nuclear waste into the sea is not Japan’s private business.”The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has released the third assessment report of its technical working group on the disposal of water contaminated with nuclear waste at Fukushima.Mao Ning, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, noted at a press conference today that the report focuses on the destruction of radioactively contaminated water at Fukushima and its impact on the environment, and outlines assessment and review measures and plans. He noted that the report did not draw conclusions on important issues such as the reliability and accuracy of contaminated water data and the compliance of data collection management with safety standards of concern. Mao NingHe said it was reckless and irresponsible for Japan to press ahead with its preparations to dump radioactive contaminated water into the sea.Mao Ning, noted that this was never a private matter of Japan. Mao Ning said they once again urged Japan to heed the legitimate and reasonable demands of the international community and hold full consultations with neighboring countries, Pacific island states and international institutions.

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