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DS Automobiles enters the world of racing by redesigning electric vehiclesEugenio Franzetti, Director of DS Performance:
“DS Automobiles has made the decision to compete in the Formula E World Championship in order to realize the electric transformation of its product line. The experience gained over many seasons has been and continues to be very helpful in developing the road cars of today and tomorrow.”
DS Automobiles is able to offer its customers an enhanced driving experience thanks to DS Performance’s software expertise and numerous wins since 2015. DS Automobiles entered the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship to speed up not only its physical hardware but also its software. with its many wins, it can offer its customers a truly enhanced driving experience. Just as important as the powertrain, software is at the heart of Formula E’s racing strategy. DS Automobiles joins Formula E to win and gain racing experience. Racing is a veritable open-air laboratory where innovation in both hardware and software is accelerating. Thanks to the demands of specialized road circuits, DS Performance develops not only heavy-duty powertrains, but also state-of-the-art software that manages the key parameters of a Formula E car This software is also a source of important technology transfer for the brand, which can be achieved at a relatively low cost compared to the production of physical parts. One of the most important examples in this regard is the regenerative braking system. To win in Formula E, it is very important to be fast and at the same time recover energy as efficiently as possible during braking. . To achieve this, DS Automobiles racing engineers are developing algorithms that optimize this critical element of racing. Every new development from DS Performance explores the software through Formula E, powered by DS Automobiles E-TENSE rechargeable hybrid and electric vehicles. provides useful information for development teams. The new DS 7 E-TENSE 4×4 360 uses energy recovery software directly from Formula E. More efficient than the system used in previous models, this software offers unparalleled braking capabilities through brake pressure analysis and management optimization. Mobility is undergoing a real revolution, and software intelligence is at the center of this fundamental change. DS Automobiles, a pioneer in the electric vehicle transformation strategy, is competing on Formula E circuits to improve the daily driving experience of its customers. this diversity as its main strategy. “DS Performance Motorsports R&D Director Eugenio Franzetti, whose views are included in the statement, said that motorsports is very valuable for its R&D. Franzetti said: “DS Automobiles has decided to enter the Formula E World Championship to realize the electric transformation of its product range. Many seasons “The experience gained over the years has been, and continues to be, very helpful in developing the road cars of today and tomorrow. A prime example of this is the Brake Energy Recovery system that has been worked on, pushed to the limit in Formula E, and then ported to all of our E-TENSE road cars.” Stellantis’ software director Yves Bonnefont said the difference between Formula E cars is energy efficiency, and it depends a lot on the software that manages the regenerative braking, inverter and battery: “These new technologies are easy to transfer to road-type electric vehicles. This is a move that is financially transparent and also provides some incredible advances in technology.” used phrases.
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