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In testimony before the Senate yesterday, FBI Director Christopher Wray responded to allegations that China is using unauthorized police stations on US soil as part of its influence operations.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington confirmed the existence of volunteer-run sites in the US, but said they were not “police stations” or “police service centers.”

“They are helping foreign Chinese citizens who need help accessing an online service platform for driving license renewal and medical examination for this purpose,” embassy spokesman Liu Pengyu wrote in an email to Reuters news agency.

Liu said that they were not police officers from China and said, “The American side should stop raising this issue without any reason.”

The Chinese Embassy has not yet responded to Reuters’ request for a list of these sites. The FBI also declined to comment on President Ray’s Senate statements.

Safeguard Defenders, a human rights organization headquartered in Europe, said in a report released in September that the Chinese police have dozens of service centers in major cities around the world, including New York.

FBI Director Christopher Wray also testified yesterday at a Senate hearing that China’s establishment of a police presence in the United States was “terrible.” Ray noted that this violated sovereignty and violated standard legal and police cooperation procedures.

Earlier this month, China’s foreign ministry issued a similar statement after the Dutch government ordered the centers in their country to close as a result of an investigation. Members of the British Parliament are also calling for an investigation into the sites.

Republicans in the US Congress, including Jim Banks, a member of the House of Representatives, demanded an explanation from the Biden administration regarding the activities of these fields.

Human rights activists see the sites as a continuation of Beijing’s efforts to pressure Chinese citizens or relatives abroad to return to China and stand trial. These sites are believed to be linked to the China United Front Labor Office, which seeks to spread the Chinese Communist Party’s influence and propaganda overseas.

Mark Clifford, chairman of the Freedom Committee of the Hong Kong Foundation, said the centers should be stopped.

“International governments that allow the Chinese Communist Party to establish such institutions in their countries are partners in Beijing’s activities,” Clifford said.

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