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US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met Prime Minister Kyryakos Mitsotakis in Athens as part of his Greek contacts. The US Secretary of State said that Turkey and Greece should not act unilaterally to resolve their differences.

US Secretary of State Blinken said he visited Athens for the fourth time as part of the strategic dialogue process between the US and Greece. The US Secretary of State said the process has strengthened relations between the US and Greece.

Referring to Turkish-Greek relations in his statement, US Secretary of State Blinken said both countries should establish dialogue before taking steps to resolve differences.

In a statement at a press conference, Blinken said, “As a close friend and ally of both countries, I believe it is in the interests of both Turkey and Greece to find a solution to their differences through dialogue and diplomacy.”

At the press conference, Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis also mentioned Blinken’s visit to Turkey and stated that Greece was extremely upset by the earthquake in Turkey and that it was the first country to send a search and rescue team to Turkey.

Mitsotakis said he looks forward to continuing the process that began after the earthquake in relations with Turkey, and hopes that the outcome of this dialogue will also contribute to stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

On the other hand, in his speech, the US Secretary of State also thanked Greece for supporting Ukraine. Blinken’s trip to Greece ends tomorrow.

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