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Action in support of cancer patients held in LebanonAt a demonstration in the capital Beirut on the occasion of World Cancer Day, the government was demanded to backtrack on its decision to withdraw state support for cancer drugs.BEIRUT (AA) – Demonstrations in Lebanon to mark World Cancer Day on February 4 protested the government’s withdrawal of support for cancer drugs. Many people gathered in front of the Government Palace in the capital Beirut to draw attention to the problem of cancer patients’ lack of access to medicines. The demonstrators carried banners reading “Stop your corruption, get our medicine”, “Stop massacre of cancer patients”, “Removal of drug subsidies equals a death sentence”. “In Turkey, everyone supports their patients, and in Lebanon, patients are deprived of necessary medicines. We are silently watching the massacre of the sick.” He said, He named the cancer patients in Lebanon and what kind of cancer they had, which is very important. However, since 2019, when the economic crisis hit, the government has been phasing out subsidies for many sectors, such as fuel, food, and pharmaceuticals, starting in 2021. Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati said in a June 2022 statement that 85% of the Lebanese people had lost their power. The World Bank also said in a report released last November that Lebanon’s financial losses from the economic crisis exceeded $72 billion, which equivalent to 3 times the country’s gross domestic product.

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