Decision on a 4-day strike of medical workers!


Some health workers in England have said they have decided to go on strike for 4 days due to poor working conditions.

After abandoning demands for higher wages amid rising inflation and the cost of living in the UK, the call for professional groups made up of nurses, railway workers and teachers to strike continues to be supported by other workers. This time, a statement from the GMB union, affiliated with the ambulance workers who decided to strike, announced that there would be a 4-day work break in February and March.

The union’s statement indicated that on February 6, February 20, March 6 and 20, more than 10,000 ambulance workers, including ambulance paramedics, ambulance workers and call workers, are on strike. .


Strike affected areas will include South West Ambulance Service, South East Ambulance Service, North West Ambulance Service, South Central Ambulance Service, North East Ambulance Service, East Midlands Ambulance Service, Ambulance Service Wales and the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. The services also stressed that on January 23, Northwest Ambulance Service GMB employees will also go on strike on January 24.


In the country, nurses also announced that they plan to strike on February 6 and 7. Most of the 73 National Health Service (NHS) facilities to be included on the new strike dates are hospitals.

100,000 teachers are also on strike

Teachers’ unions, on the other hand, said that about 100,000 teachers would go on a 7-day strike starting February 1. The National Education Union (NEU) said the teachers’ strike would take place in February and March. In total, 23,400 schools are expected to be affected by teacher strikes.

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