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German Interior Minister Nancy Feiser will leave for Turkey on Monday for a two-day official visit. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior said that Faezer would hold consultations with Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu in Ankara, and that issues of migration and cooperation in migration policy would be discussed in the main.

So far, the two ministers have only had a bilateral meeting at the end of January last year via videoconference, which then discussed the issue of immigration. It is expected that during Faiser’s meeting with Soylu, Turkey will want to tighten controls on the Bulgarian and Greek borders.

Although the recent increase in the number of refugees arriving in Germany has raised concerns in Berlin, there has been a significant increase in the number of refugees arriving in Germany from Turkey via the Balkan route, as well as refugees from Ukraine. Minister Faezer recently said in a statement that the number of Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian-Ukrainian war and registered in Germany is 1,2763, adding that the influx is “the largest refugee movement in Europe since World War II.” . World War”. defined as. Interior Minister Faezer criticized the lack of proper controls by countries along the route, defined as the Balkan route, through which irregular asylum seekers enter Germany through the Czech or Austrian border.

Claiming that the most common route used by illegal migrants to reach Europe starts from the Western Balkans, leaving Turkey, German officials claim that attempts are being made to illegally immigrate to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia or Serbia, as well as to Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary.

In addition to other issues that directly concern the two countries, it was stated that German-Turkish cooperation in the fight against terrorism will also be on the agenda of the meeting. In this context, it is assumed that the explosion that occurred on Istiklal Street in Istanbul last Sunday, the air operation against the PKK camps in Iraq and Syria and other events will be discussed. After the attack, which killed six people and injured more than 80, Interior Minister Fazer shared his message on Twitter: “The horrific attack in the heart of the city shocked Istanbul. Our solidarity and thoughts are with the victims and the wounded, whom we wish recovery.”

Tensions between Ankara and Berlin often stem from support for terrorist groups. Although the PKK in Germany has been on the list of terrorist organizations since 1993, Turkey’s reaction is such that it continues its activities through front associations. The German and Turkish intelligence reports indicate that the main activities of the PKK in Germany are primarily the logistics and financial support of the organization, recruiting new personnel into the organization, organizing numerous demonstrations and major propaganda events.

Ankara also often claims that Germany continues to be a safe haven for criminals and fugitive FETO members. The Turkish authorities demand that FETO members be monitored by German constitutional defense organizations and that action be taken against them. It is considered certain that Minister of the Interior Soylu will bring these issues up for discussion at a meeting with Faser.

Interior Minister Nancy Feiser’s program in Ankara also includes a visit to Anitkabir. It was also announced that Faezer would lay a wreath at the mausoleum and honor the memory of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk with a moment of silence.

According to the information received, Faezer will leave Turkey on Wednesday and travel to Qatar, where the World Cup is taking place, to watch the Germany national football team play against Japan. Faezer is also the minister in charge of sports.

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