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Countries that want China to reopen have begun restricting travelers from China.With the optimization of policies to combat the COVID-19 epidemic in China at the end of 2022, the economic and social order quickly recovered, and this event was widely welcomed by the international community.With the optimization of China’s COVID-19 epidemic control policy at the end of 2022, the economic and social order quickly recovered, and this development has been widely approved by the international community. Now the latest epidemic in China has announced that they will restrict the entry of passengers from China on the grounds, that it could cause a new strain of the virus. The Washington Post recently cited criticism from many epidemiologists that the US government’s decision was “unscientific, illogical and wrong.” . Analysts have described this as a new political game by some countries, pointing out that it aims to place the blame for the epidemic on China and isolate it. Epidemiologist at the World Health Organization Mary Van Kerkhovnoted that over 500 Omikron sub-variants are currently distributed worldwide. The Washington Post also claimed that the XBB.1.5 variant, a new generation of Omikron, is popular in New York and the northeastern United States. Health experts from many countries say there is no need to impose restrictions on travelers from China. It can be clearly seen that China always goes through a period of adaptation when optimizing its anti-epidemic policy, and the optimization of China’s anti-epidemic policy is no exception. most countries are relaxing their epidemic prevention measures? epidemiologist at Columbia University in the USA Geoffrey Shamancalled it “irrational”. The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention considers it “unwise” to ask travelers from China to get tested for COVID-19. People still remember that over the past three years, some countries, such as the US, have been so controversial about the measures China has taken to fight with the epidemic. While China is taking drastic measures to protect the health and safety of its people, some Western countries are saying, “China must open up or it will be deprived of its freedom and human rights.” However, while China has been streamlining measures according to the course of the epidemic, some Western politicians and media outlets have started spreading claims that the epidemic situation in China will threaten the fight against the epidemic in other countries, and have promulgated policies that are contrary to the truth. and science against travelers from China. What hypocrisy this double standard!

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