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Greek parliamentarian Eva Kaili, vice-president of the European Parliament and three others who were taken into custody by the European Parliament on charges that they changed the economic and political decisions of the European Parliament in favor of Qatar in exchange for bribes and gifts they received from Qatar, were arrested and put in jail.

The scandal grew when Belgian police, behind a rare corruption operation in the history of the EU, raided the home of Belgian MEP Marc Tarabella on Saturday night, accusing him of “illegal lobbying activities.”

As the corruption operation has had a devastating impact on the European Parliament, Speaker of Parliament Roberta Metsola suspended Kylie’s vice-presidentship and called the group leaders to an emergency meeting on Monday.

During the World Cup; In addition, the scandal that erupted at a time when the EU was trying to maintain good relations with the Doha administration in search of an alternative to Russian gas aggravated relations between Brussels and Doha.

Belgian police raided 16 addresses in Brussels where EU institutions are located, on Friday MEP and Vice Speaker of the Greek Parliament Eva Kaili, his wife Francesco Giorgi, former MEP Italian politician Pier-Antonio Panzeri, whose wife advises. He arrested more one person.

Police found 600,000 euros in cash in a bag at the home of MEP Eva Kaili. Noting that the Greek parliamentarian was caught red-handed “with money he found in his home,” federal prosecutors ruled that Kylie could not enjoy parliamentary immunity.

After the first statements were made, the Federal Attorney’s Office on Sunday; on charges of “membership in a criminal organization, money laundering and corruption”; Kylie sent Giorgi and Panzeri to jail. Two of the 6 people arrested in the last 48 hours have been released by the court they were taken to.

According to Belgian media, the father of 44-year-old former TV presenter Eva Kylie has also been detained in light of suspicions. The wife and daughter of former Italian MP Panzeri were also arrested in Italy by the Italian police, who were acting on an arrest warrant.

“Qatar is a model country for labor rights”

According to the prosecution, Qatar sought to convince parliament to restore its international image ahead of the World Cup matches by offering “significant” sums or “expensive gifts”.

Kylie called Qatar a “leading country in the field of labor rights” after meeting with the country’s labor minister in early November, despite concerns raised by the international community about working conditions at the construction of a stadium where thousands of workers died. Eva Kylie, in the presence of Qatar’s labor minister, said they “welcome the emirate’s reforms in this sector.”

EU Ambassador to Doha Christian Tudor shared this meeting on his Twitter account. When Eva Kaili declared from the European Parliament on November 22 that “Qatar is a leader in terms of workers’ rights,” doubts began to grow in the European Parliament. Pierre Carleskinde, a French MP for a liberal group, shared on his Twitter account on Saturday: “I’m afraid to understand more …”.

Metsola arrived in Brussels from Malta

As this probe into corruption in the center of Europe grew, Belgian police ransacked the home of Belgian MEP Marc Tarabella as part of an anti-corruption operation on Sunday, escalating the scandal. MEP Roberta Metsola traveled to Brussels from Malta to assist the federal police in this second search. It was announced that in order to conduct such an investigation against a Belgian-elected MP, “according to the Belgian constitution”, the President of the European Parliament must also be present.

A look at the first AP meeting

On Saturday evening, Roberta Metsola decided to apply the first sanction against Eva Kylie. Metsola announced that he was waiving all assignments, including Kylie’s “duty to represent herself in the Middle East region.”

Green and left-wing MEPs also demanded the resignation of Eva Kaili, who was expelled from the Greek Socialist Party (Pasok-Kinal) on Friday evening.

The European Parliament, which has been rocked by one of the most important allegations of corruption in its history, is expected to discuss the ratification of the agreement, which “facilitates the visa regime for citizens of Qatar and Kuwait and provides visa exemption for 90-day tourists.” visits”, a hot session is expected. European Parliament President Roberta Metsola called an emergency meeting of group heads in Strasbourg on Monday. MPs from the Greens and the Social Democrats announced that they would oppose the start of negotiations on visa liberalization for Qataris in the EU.

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