Companies participating in ‘4 days a week work trial’ in the UK will continue to implement it – WORLD


Companies participating in the 4 days a week job trial in the UK will continue to apply.Many of the UK companies participating in the 4 days a week trial in the UK have made the six-month pilot scheme permanent.According to the BBC, an impact assessment report on the pilot app, which was launched in June 2022 by non-profit organization 4 Day Week Global in a country where more than 3,000 employees worked 4 days a week for 6 months, stated that it has “comprehensive benefits especially for the well-being of employees.” Of the 61 companies surveyed, 56 said they would continue to operate 4 days a week, at least for now. are much less likely to report illness, are more likely to stay with their employer, and recruitment costs have been reduced, and staff training has become more valuable. CEO Simon Ursell stated that the first month on the app was “a bit of a risk”: “Basically, if you give people this incredible support, they’ll work really hard to make it work. Ursell said his team is happier, absenteeism has dropped by two-thirds and the company has received many job applications.

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