Colombia sent 20 experts and 8 dogs to Turkey. Last Minute WORLD headlines and events


The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that a team of 20 experts and eight specially trained dogs have left the capital, Bogotá, to support search and rescue and health services in Turkey.

Colombian Red Cross and civil defense personnel flying from Bogotá on a Turkish Airlines flight are expected to arrive in Turkey at 16:00.

Javier Pava, director of the Colombian Disaster Risk Management Unit (UNGRD), said in a statement: “We convey our messages of speedy recovery to all those affected by the earthquake that rocked our brother country. We demonstrate our solidarity and support by effectively expressing our responsibilities.”

The 28-person team, which will provide support in earthquake zones for 11 days, includes personal search and rescue specialists, as well as medical personnel.

Colombian Foreign Minister Alvaro Duran announced that the Emergency Medical Team (EMT), which will consist of 25 people, will be sent to prevent the sick and injured from worsening and take the necessary measures to treat them.

Duran said: “Turkey has sent a list of needs to Colombia, including heavy equipment, but we cannot send heavy equipment. We will send blankets, food and medicine in the coming days. What happened during the earthquake really upsets us.”

Beste Pehlivan San, the Turkish ambassador to Bogota, who was among those who saw the team off at the airport, said: “Immediately after the disaster in Turkey, Colombian President Gustavo Petro, Vice President Francia Márquez and Foreign Minister Alvaro Leyva, all institutions and the Colombian people have made us feel that they are with us.”

The embassy is already running a cash aid campaign in the South American country to show solidarity with earthquake victims.

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