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Clean air schools in Germany – from TurkeyIn Germany, where air pollution is on the rise, many parents are demanding that their children be educated in an environment where they breathe clean air.Official schools in Fürstenfeldbruck, the German government, which has already made it mandatory to use air purifiers selected through tenders since 2020, are finding a solution in a professional air purifier manufactured by Froumann from Eskisehir. increased due to the energy crisis, citizens complain about air pollution. The insufficiency of existing central ventilation systems in the country’s schools, the high costs of updating these systems and the laboriousness of installation work have long been on the agenda, it was decided to use mobile air cleaning devices that were purchased at a tender from 2020. Devices used under the still valid application must have features such as filtering technology, settings that can be adjusted depending on the environment and the number of people, as well as sound pressure level quality. On the other hand, official schools in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany, are finding a solution in the new academic period in air purification devices manufactured in Eskisehir.Face-to-face learning aims for continuity.Educational institutions in the city of Fürstenfeldbruck provide funds to support investment costs to improve ventilation systems in their schools Schools built in Eskisehir with 100 percent in-house capital to purify the air in their classrooms in the new school period have proven to be effective. filter out various types of bacteria, including Covid-19, from the surrounding air*. He prefers the FROUMANN N100 V professional air purifier.The world-class device was the solution to the goal of German education “clean air”.The Froumann N100 V professional air purifier, which uses several filter sets containing high-quality HEPA class H14 filters from Froumann, an air purifier manufacturer, was selected by German schools for meeting all the criteria and technical standards specified in the tenders. 140 exported from Turkey In the new school year, powerful devices will be introduced into classrooms to provide a healthier environment for students, teachers, administrators and support teams, as well as create a safe breathing space. Devices that are researched and developed, designed and marketed in Turkey are manufactured at the facilities in Eskisehir.
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