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CIIE gives countries easy access to the Chinese marketThe China International Imported Goods Exhibition (CIIE) ended yesterday in Shanghai, the commercial center of China. More than 2,800 companies from 127 countries and regions participated in the 6-day fair. For the first time, 438 types of new products and technologies were presented at the fair. The amount of contracts signed at the fair increased by 3.9 percent compared to the previous year and reached 73 billion 520 million US dollars.Owen Messick, spokesman for the Chinese branch of the American perfume company Doterra, said: “I have visited CIIE 5 times. After joining CIIE for the second time, I received a letter from Pingshun County, Shanxi Province, China. The letter stated that a herb called Lianqiao, grown in Pingshun, could be used to produce essential oils. Because of this letter, we, as Doterra, have started researching essences in China.” used phrases. Foreign companies have found many development opportunities in China. With a large population, China also means a big market. China, which is the main trading partner of more than 140 countries and regions, has maintained its first place in the world in terms of cargo trade over the past 5 years. Through CIIE, countries around the world can easily access the Chinese market. The countries of the world, especially the developing countries, have benefited from the development of China: about 30 less developed countries have opened their booths at CIIE for free. In addition to high-tech products from developed countries, goods from less developed countries were in demand at the fair, including nutmeg from Guinea-Bissau and carpets from Afghanistan. 2022 marks the 1st year since the signing of the Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP). The RCEP New Opportunities Report, recently released by HSBC Bank, states that 93% of RCEP countries are stepping up their trade relations with China. The successful organization of CIIE has shown that a break between the world and China is impossible, and openness means a win-win.

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