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Chinese around the world enthusiastically celebrate the New YearYesterday began the New Year of the Rabbit. Chinese people living all over the world, especially in China, celebrate this holiday with enthusiasm.While shopping malls and streets across the country are adorned with colorful decorations, citizens’ homes and workplaces reflect an intense festive atmosphere with colorful toy rabbits, Chinese lanterns and decorations. Chinese New Year, considered China’s most important holiday for thousands of years, has changed, although its content and manner of celebration have changed. It continues to occupy an important place in the way of life of the Chinese. With the decrease in the importance of the COVID-19 epidemic, which lasted 3 years, January 8, when the Chinese regain their freedom, there is an explosion in the consumption of leisure and tourism. According to the data before the feast, there was a relatively rapid increase in consumption, consumer products became richer than before. The style of consumption is realized through 2 channels, including online plus offline. Holiday consumption by e-commerce giant increased 70 percent year-over-year, and sales of creative gifts and smart health monitoring devices increased 10-fold, sometimes accounting for a third of total annual consumption. How things are this year, time will tell. The most glorious days of the Spring Festival are the eve of the holiday and the first days of the holiday. During these days, fireworks and firecrackers were thrown around the country day and night to drive away evil spirits from homes. However, for many years, crackers have been banned in cities for environmental reasons. Customs in the Year of the Rabbit The rabbit is a cute animal. Stories and children’s songs, such as “The White Rabbit and the Gray Wolf” and “The Rabbit Who Pulls the Carrot”, passed down from generation to generation in China, impress everyone and remind adults of childhood.Ranked 7th in the Chinese zodiac system of 12 animals, the rabbit represents dawn and boundless dynamism. In folk culture, the rabbit is called the Jade Rabbit or the Moon Rabbit. In ancient mythology, the rabbit is said to sit on the moon and accompany a fairy named Chang’e, grinding medicine in a stone container and relieving pain. pain in the world with him. It is believed that the medicine prepared by the rabbit has the ability to make people immortal. Fairs organized as part of the Spring Festival in certain areas of the cities attract countless people, TV channels throughout the country broadcast their special programs for the holiday. Particular attention is paid to the feast. For the Spring Festival, filled with peace and happiness, the Chinese receive congratulations from all over the world. For example, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Anthony Guterres On January 18, he celebrated the New Year of the Chinese around the world via video conference. Guterres wished for a more beautiful world by promoting peace and sustainable development through the joint efforts of the international community.The rabbit is known as a symbol of longevity.The rabbit is a cautious and shy kind of animal. In the wild, a rabbit usually builds multiple nests to protect itself. So, what is the character of people born in the year of the Rabbit? Those born in the year of the Rabbit are cordial, dynamic, gentle, warm-blooded and charismatic. He is also indecisive, stubborn, timid and conservative. When it comes to personal life, those born in the Year of the Rabbit make excellent relationship partners. They are usually romantic and devoted and are best combined with those born in the year of the tiger, sheep and dogs, but it is difficult to get along with those born in the year of the Rooster. The tiger is bold, the Rabbit is cautious. When these two team up, they become brave and cautious. This combination gives good results. Similarly, marriage between those born in the years of the snake and the rabbit is said to bring happiness and wealth. For the serpent is wise and accumulates wealth, but the hare is moderate and guards wealth. The snake and the rabbit together make up one big family. The rabbit looks weak, but with its strong reproductive power, it outshines other animals. This element affects the worldview of people. Since ancient times, people have argued that the rabbit, as a happy animal, will make families big and happy. There is a saying in China: A rabbit does not eat grass around its nest. This idiom expresses the intelligence of a rabbit. Weeds around the nest hide the nest by revealing itself when eaten, so it must be protected, which is essentially in line with the current approach to environmental protection; protect the environment around you, protect yourself. Being kind to friends around you means accumulating assets for yourself.There will be 384 days in the Year of the Rabbit.According to astronomers, the year of the Rabbit, which the Chinese celebrate with enthusiasm today, will not consist of 364 or 365 days, as in the Gregorian calendar we know, but of 384 days! Let’s listen to the argument of Zhao Zhiheng, a member of the Chinese Astronomical Society: the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar, which are still widely used by the Chinese in everyday life, have their own unique dates and rules. In the Gregorian calendar, a leap year occurs every 4 years. Usually a year that is divisible by 4 is a normal year and is divisible by 29 days in February of that year. Other years are considered normal years (平年) and have 28 days in February. Since 2023 is a normal year, there will be 365 days in total. The Chinese lunar calendar is a system based on the rule of the moon. Therefore, there are only 354 or 355 days in each year, which is 11 days less than the Gregorian calendar. The ancestors of the Chinese resorted to the rule of increasing the number of leap months to make the lunar calendar as long as the Gregorian calendar. Accordingly, every 19 years, 7 months are added. The year in which it is a leap month has 13 months and has a total of 384 or 385 days, and is called the Year of the Run. Thus, the 19 years of the lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar are almost the same length. The leap month of the Rabbit year coincides with the second month and has a total of 384 days per year. The Year of the Rabbit, which began yesterday, will last until February 9, 2024. The Spring Festival gives way to the Lantern Festival after 2 weeks and after that day people go back to work and wait for the next Spring Festival.
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