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Gen. James Dickinson, commander of US Space Command, said China is closely monitoring its activities in space, which could pose a possible threat to America’s assets in space.

General Dickinson also welcomed the adoption by another majority in the United Nations of a resolution requiring countries not to conduct direct anti-satellite tests with increased escalation. These tests have created huge fields of space debris that have endangered satellites and space stations.

Of the four countries testing anti-satellite missiles, only the United States supported the suspension of these tests in a UN vote. China and Russia voted against, India abstained.

“We cannot continue to promote the spread of debris in space,” General Dickinson said in a press conference call with journalists in the Far East.

Most of the debris in space is in low Earth orbit. The low trajectory has become “crowded, competitive and competitive,” Dickinson said.

48,000 objects tracked in low orbit

Even very small pieces of metal can be dangerous in space. The number of objects in space is increasing.

The US Space Command tracks more than 48,000 objects in low Earth orbit.

These objects include satellites, telescopes, space stations and space debris of all sizes, Dickinson said.

Three years ago, it was determined that there are 25,000 objects in space.

Dickinson noted that Beijing “believes that space is not only an important part of the Chinese or global economy, but also of significant military importance, so America continues to closely monitor China, which is building up its capabilities in space.”

China’s space program sparks backlash

In 2003, China became the third country to send astronauts into orbit after the former Soviet Union and the United States. Since then, China’s space program has changed a lot.

An unannounced test of the Chinese space program in 2007 caused a backlash in the international arena.

As part of the test, China blew up an already obsolete satellite by launching a rocket. Debris scattered around after the explosion still continues to pose a danger.

China’s secret space program is run by the People’s Liberation Army, the military wing of the Communist Party. This configuration prevents China from joining the International Space Station or collaborating with NASA.

Last month, China launched the final three modules it developed for its space station with a little outside help. He briefly hosted six Chinese taikonauts in space during a crew change of three.

China also has probes on the Moon and Mars and plans to send humans to the Moon in the future.

Space is an increasingly important area at a time when relations between America and China are strained over disputes over areas such as Taiwan, the South China Sea, trade and technology.

In its annual China Security Report released last week, the US Department of Defense warned that Beijing could have 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035. The report says it is not clear how China plans to use these warheads.

General Dickinson noted that China “continues to develop capabilities in space that threaten much of America’s assets.”

Noting that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “shows that space has become a contentious area that needs to be protected,” Dickinson stressed that US Space Command (SPACECOM) takes this role very seriously.

“The unified stand of our allies and partners is critical to combat the repressive and destructive practices that threaten the rules-based international order in the Indo-Pacific and beyond,” Dickinson said.

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