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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said they strongly oppose the US-Japan joint statement that falsely defames China.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said they are categorically against the US-Japan joint statement, which falsely denigrates China. The statement claimed that China poses the greatest strategic threat to the Indo-Pacific and other regions, and accusations were leveled against China over issues related to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang.Wang Wenbin Assessing the above statement at the daily press conference, “the joint statement under discussion, full of the Cold War zero-sum mentality, unreasonably slanders China. China strongly opposes this. While the US and Japan claim to protect a free and open Indo-Pacific, they are actually trying to create division and opposition by creating various closed and closed circles. These initiatives now pose a threat to regional security and stability. The Asia-Pacific region is not a zone of geopolitical competition, it is a region that requires peace and development.” The spokesman added that they called on the United States and Japan to abandon the Cold War mentality and stop creating imaginary enemies.

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