China: ‘US-UK-Australia nuclear cooperation is a typical product of the Cold War’ – WORLD


China: US-UK-Australia nuclear cooperation is a typical product of the Cold WarYesterday the leaders of the US, UK and Australia met and announced that Australia would buy nuclear submarines from the US.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin at today’s regular press conference assessed that Australia will buy nuclear submarines from the United States.Wang Wenbin reiterated China’s position:“The US, UK and Australia are creating what is known as the AUKUS triangular security partnership, promoting cooperation on nuclear submarines and other advanced military technologies. Like a typical Cold War mentality, this would not only provoke an arms race, but also undermine international efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation and undermine regional peace and stability. Peace-loving countries reacted to this.” , which poses a serious risk of nuclear proliferation, and said that this initiative violates the purpose of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. an attempt would seriously undermine the authority of the IAEA, which China strongly opposed. Pointing out, Wang Wenbin said that China’s three countries should heed the voice of the international community and countries in the region, abandon the outdated idea of ​​zero-sum game and the narrow geopolitical framework of the Cold War, seriously fulfill their international obligations, and avoid attempts that undermine peace and stability. in the region and the world.

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