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China: US should listen more to rational voicesAccording to a media report, former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said the US should focus on building its own economic advantage rather than attacking China.In addition, economists, including International Monetary Fund (IMF) director Kristalina Georgieva, called on the US to reconsider its economic war against China.Zhao Lijian emphasized that the essence of Sino-US trade and economic relations is based on mutual benefit and interests, pointing out that they completely violate the principles of economics and harm both others and the United States itself. Expressing that the US should listen to rational voices, abandon zero-sum thinking, and abandon the generalization of the concept of national security, Zhao Lijian said that the US should also stop politicizing, exploiting and arming economic, commercial and technological issues. Zhao Lijian, USA He also said that they are ready to implement the consensus reached by the leaders of China and the United States during their meeting in Bali and return China-US relations to the path of stable and healthy development.

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