“China-US economic and trade relations should get back on track as soon as possible” – WORLD


Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao, in a video conference yesterday with US-China Business Council President Craig Allen, stressed that China-US economic and trade relations must be secured in order to get back on track as soon as possible.Minister of Commerce of China Wang Ventao, President of the US-China Business Council yesterday Craig Allen At the meeting, which he held via videoconference, he stressed that Sino-US economic and trade relations should be returned to the right track as soon as possible.During the meeting, the two officials discussed issues such as Sino-US economic and trade relations, as well as expanding China’s opening up.Wang Wentao urged the US to properly approach the opportunities that China’s development opens up for the US and the world, and ensure that economic and trade relations return to the right track as soon as possible in line with the direction set by the leaders of the two countries. Fulfilling the important consensus reached at the meeting of the leaders of the two countries together with the relevant US institutions in Bali in November, we will enter into rational, pragmatic and professional contacts and cooperation in accordance with the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, cooperation and common benefit. Noting that China and the United States have broad common interests and cooperation potential, Wang Wentao said that bilateral economic and trade cooperation is not only beneficial to the happiness of the peoples of the two countries, but also important for the world’s economic growth. Wang recalled that Washington’s relationship with China “does not were strategically competitive. He noted that he identified it as “meat”, that he applied trade protectionism to China with a series of trade and investment restrictions, and that these initiatives harmed the interests of the companies and peoples of the two countries. He added that the modernization of China, which has a population of 1 billion 400 million people represents a huge opportunity for global business, including for American business. Noting that the meeting of the US and Chinese leaders in Bali attracted wide attention from the international community, Allen said that the two leaders had a sincere, deep and constructive communication , and it was of interest to US industry and trade. He stated that they would like to strengthen communication and cooperation and build mutual trust.

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