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China: “US must stop illegal unilateral sanctions and long jurisdiction”
Mao Ning, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, reacted to the illegal unilateral sanctions and US jurisdiction.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning reacted to illegal unilateral sanctions and US jurisdiction. Under an upcoming agreement between the US, Japan and the Netherlands, the US will include controls on semiconductor exports to China, including companies in Japan and the Netherlands. , extended way. Mao Ning praised this US effort at his daily press conference. Mao Ning is a judiciary in which the long-armed US jurisdiction, backed by the vast power of the US administration and financial hegemony, is abusing its “extraterritorial jurisdiction” over its entities and individuals in other countries. Mao noted that as of Fiscal Year 2021, the US imposed a total of more than 9400 sanctions. Recalling that they cover France, England, Germany and Japan, he stressed that the application of sanctions as a priority solution to the diplomatic problem by the US administrations create humanitarian disasters instead of achieving their own goals, generalize, abuse export controls, are detrimental to normal business and economic activity, and He stated that they destabilize the industry and supply chains, and that these initiatives are contrary to the so-called US market economy and the principles of fair and equal competition. jurisdiction and fulfill the international obligations of a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Source: China Radio International.

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