China to build 2,500 kilometers of high-speed rail in 2023 – WORLD


China to build 2,500 kilometers of high-speed rail in 2023The China State Railway Group announced that it plans to build more than 3,000 kilometers of railways, including 2,500 kilometers of high-speed railways, in 2023 to make China’s transportation system an advanced network.China Railway will strengthen links between railways at different levels and fill gaps in the railway route to speed up the construction of railway infrastructure in 2023 to stimulate the economy and benefit society. According to the statement, China Railway has achieved its planned goal by completing fixed capital investment in the amount of 710 billion 900 million yuan (approximately 104 billion 800 million dollars) in 2022, and also built 4,100 kilometers of new railways, including 2,082 kilometers of high-speed railway. By the end of 2018, the length of the existing railways China has exceeded 155 thousand km, including 42 thousand km of high-speed railways.

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