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China launches 450th Long March satellite
It launched a new Yaogan-34 series remote sensing satellite into space using a Long March-4C launch vehicle from the Jiuquan Space Center in northwest China. The Yaogan-34 03 satellite successfully entered the planned orbit.The satellite will be used for land surveys, urban planning, crop forecasting, and disaster prevention and control. It was also the 450th flight of the Long March series launch vehicle. Meanwhile, the China Manned Space Agency (CMS) announced that the Tianzhou-4 cargo spacecraft re-entered the atmosphere at 07:21 today. into orbit on May 10, 2022, the Tianzhou-4 cargo spacecraft delivered about 6 tons of cargo to the space station. After leaving the space station complex, the Tianzhou-4 cargo spacecraft also carried out related space technology experiments, gaining significant experience in orbit construction and space station operation management.

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