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China is among the ten most successful countries in the development of the InternetTwo blue books, China Internet Development Report 2022 and Global Internet Development Report 2022, were released at the 2022 World Internet Conference held today in Wuzhen, China.Two Blue Books, “China Internet Development Report 2022” and “World Internet Development Report 2022” were published at the World Internet Conference 2022 held today in Wuzhen, China in the blue book “China Internet Development Report 2022”, IT in China China’s achievements in the development of the Internet, such as world leadership in the construction of infrastructure facilities, the completion of regulations related to the integrated large data center, increasing the contribution of digitalization to the economy, advancing the construction of cyber civilization, establishing a security system, as well as obtaining fruitful results in international contacts and cooperation in the cyber environment. The blue book titled “World Internet Development Report 2022” provides information on the measures taken and the progress made by various countries to promote the development of the Internet in a complex international environment in terms of the most 10 successful countries include USA, China, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, South Korea, England, Canada, F Finland and Denmark, respectively. Since 2017, blue books have been published regularly. These Blue Books, featuring new developments, achievements and trends in the development of the Internet, are attracting a lot of attention around the world.

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