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Beijing is expected to have 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035 if it maintains its nuclear structure at that level, according to a US Department of Defense report on China’s military strength this year.

While estimates do not show China is ramping up its warhead production, in which it is active, the report supports growing US concerns about China’s intentions to expand its nuclear arsenal.

The report shows that China’s stockpile of nuclear warheads has surpassed 400 in a much shorter time than previously thought by the United States.

A report released today states that “The People’s Republic of China is the most important and systemic issue for US national security and a free and open international system.”

“The expansion of nuclear power is an important part of China’s domestic and foreign policy”

A senior US Department of Defense official said at a press conference where he assessed the Pentagon’s annual report on the Chinese military: “It’s too important to keep secret, it’s a quick restructuring.”

The US official stressed that the speed they have seen raises questions about whether China is moving away from what he calls a “lean and effective deterrent” strategy in the production of nuclear warheads.

Informing reporters about the content of the report, the official stressed that an important part of China’s strategy is to make determined efforts to expand nuclear power, and that this is an important direction of China’s domestic and foreign policy.

The report, which mainly covers China’s military activities in 2021, says that China currently has a nuclear arsenal of more than 400 warheads.

According to the US forecast for 2020, China will double its stockpile of nuclear warheads within a decade. According to the report, China reached this point only two years later.

China is expected to have 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035 if it continues to build up its arsenals at the current rate.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), a think tank that tracks countries’ defenses, the United States has about 3,700 nuclear warheads, of which 1,740 are deployed.

135 ballistic missile tests per year

Chinese President Xi Jinping told the Communist Party Congress in October that he would strengthen China’s “strategic containment.” The term is often used to describe nuclear weapons.

The report states that China conducted 135 ballistic missile tests in 2021 alone, more than any country in the world. The report states that ballistic missiles used in the war in Ukraine were not counted.

The official also provided new details about China’s test of a hypersonic missile in July 2021, while noting the delay in the development of hypersonic weapons in the United States.

The official said that the range of the Chinese system is 40,000 kilometers and that the Chinese hypersonic missile system is by far the longest-range ground attack weapon.

“No sign of an imminent invasion of Taiwan”

The report also confirms concerns about China’s growing pressure on Taiwan.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s historic visit to the island in August marked a new phase in Beijing’s Taiwan efforts, a Defense Department official said.

The official said that since the visit, China has crossed the line in the middle of the Taiwan Strait more frequently, been more active in the region’s waters and airspace, and that many Chinese aircraft have flown in airspace that Taiwan says belongs to Taiwan.

The official said that Washington does not foresee such a danger as an imminent invasion of Taiwan; however, he noted that they have seen increased coercion and intimidation around Taiwan.

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