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China Conducts First Test of Speed ​​Clutch of Magnetic Rail System– The first motion tests were carried out in the high-speed arm tunnel established by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation in Shenshi Province.BEIJING (AA) – It is reported that China has carried out the first test of traffic in a high-speed tunnel tunnel created to develop magnetic train technology. kilometers per hour in three test drives and drove 210 meters at a time in the city of Datong, north of Shaanxi province, said that artificial intelligence safety controls, wireless devices and sensors are working smoothly, paving the way for testing at a higher speed. The authorities did not share information about whether vacuum treatment was performed to reduce air pressure in the high-speed arm tunnel during testing. Completing the first tests in the speed coupling tunnel in less than a year is considered significant progress. It was reported that during the construction of the tunnel last year, a trial run of a reduced-size tunnel was carried out, the purpose of which is to expand the high-speed arm tunnel in Datong to 60 kilometers in the coming years and develop magnetic rail trains that can reach speeds of 1,000 kilometers per hour. Technology magnetic lift allows trains to move without touching the rails. Preventing wear and tear associated with friction on regular and high speed trains, high speed arm tunnels reduce friction by reducing air pressure with the help of vacuum. It is expected that magnetic rail systems will allow much higher speeds to be achieved without wearing out the infrastructure.– The idea was first put forward by Elon Musk.The idea of ​​using magnetic rail technology in the field of transport with high-speed sleeve tunnels was first put forward by SpaceX founder Elon Musk. To bring this idea to life, Musk founded the tunneling company Boring Company, then a British businessman, founder of Virgin Galactic. Richard Bransonstarted working in this area by founding Hyperloop One. In 2020, the company conducted the first test of passenger transport with containers that reach speeds of up to 172 kilometers per hour on magnetic rails, however, in recent years, both companies have shelved their projects due to high costs and technical difficulties, abandoning the Hyperloop passenger transport project. One and Boring Company in Los Angeles. He later turned the tunnel he opened to build a high-speed hive into a parking lot for SpaceX employees. China’s institutes of technology are believed to be determined to take further steps in this area. which they belatedly entered China already has the world’s largest high-speed train network, exceeding 42,000 kilometers. The government intends to increase the maximum speed of the so-called “high-speed trains” to 400 kilometers per hour by 2025.
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