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China announces new package to ease SME access to financeChina has announced a new support package for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology states that the measures and incentive methods included in the package for the qualitative development of the companies in question are described in detail, the document published by the government introduces 15 main measures aimed at achieving the goal. They are aimed at maintaining sustainable growth and increasing the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the country.

Seven of these 15 measures are aimed at making the necessary efforts to overcome the challenges faced by businesses. These include political support, simplified financing and demand expansion.

In this context, initiatives, especially large enterprises and platforms, are aimed at creating supplier and supplier lists for SMEs, as well as creating business opportunities for small businesses through efforts to bring together buyers and sellers from different countries.

The paper also outlines eight other measures that will improve the central competitiveness of small businesses.

These measures and efforts include accelerating the advancement of talent, providing direct financial support to valuable SMEs, and protecting such initiatives from an intellectual property perspective.

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