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China announces increase in imports from IranIn 2022, China continued to be Iran’s largest trading partner, according to a statement from the Ministry of Commerce.China has maintained its position as Iran’s most important trading partner for 10 consecutive years. Ministry spokesman Shu Jiueting told the press that the volume of trade relations between China and Iran increased by 7 percent in 2022 compared to last year, reaching $15.8 billion.

Recalling that President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ibrahim Raissi visited China on February 14, Shu said that during the visit, the two countries exchanged in-depth views on the development of economic and trade relations between them and a number of positive results. have been achieved.

“In the coming period, I will work with my Iranian counterpart to implement the consensus reached by both heads of state in the field of economy and trade, and to develop pragmatic cooperation in trade and other fields,” Shu said, adding that more high-quality products will be imported from Iran, and that the Belt and Road Initiative has stated that construction cooperation will continue.

The representative also noted that they will strengthen multilateral cooperation between the two countries, such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, in various frameworks, and bring a new breakthrough to deepen the Sino-Iranian strategic partnership.

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