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Far Route Travel Awards; selected world leaders in the travel and tourism industry. In the ranking compiled in 45 categories according to the votes of participants from all over the world; Celestyal Cruises has been announced as the “World Leading Cruise Line of 2022”.

The Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus hosted the Far Route Travel Summit, which is considered one of the most important tourism events in the world. The event, which brought together 10,000 tourism professionals and 200 expert speakers from England, the CIS countries, the Balkans, Europe and the Middle East; Topics such as expectations for 2023, changing customer profiles, market dynamics, trends, the future and sustainability of the industry were discussed by industry experts and stakeholders.

The Far Route Travel Awards, which has already become a tradition of the summit, this year also found its owners. It was selected “Best of 2022” at the Far Route Awards, a global initiative to reward excellence in travel and tourism. Voted in 45 travel categories by voters from around the world, Celestyal Cruises has been selected as the “World Leading Cruise Brand” and has made its mark on the industry. Best Cruise Line Award 2022; It was presented to the director of Celestyal Cruises Turkey, Ozgu Alnitemiz, at the award ceremony held within the framework of the summit.

The cruise session of the Far Route Travel Summit brought together cruise professionals who are actively implementing their programs in Turkey. In a session discussing MICE trends in the cruise industry, Director of Celestyal Cruises Turkey Ozgyu Alnitemiz said:

“2015 was the brightest year for us. Almost 1,500 ships stopped in Turkish ports, and cruise passenger traffic amounted to 1.7 million people. Although our industry dwindled in the following years, we became the cruise company that never abandoned these waters and visited Turkish ports most often. With 150 sailings a year, we have not only increased the number of Turkish cruise tours, but also created economic value by attracting foreign cruise passengers to Turkey. As our industry has picked up momentum since the pandemic, the world’s largest cruise ships have curtailed their routes to Istanbul and our ports. In 2022, we planned to take 11,000 Turks on cruises. We have more hope for 2023, we have again and more comprehensively planned our programs. We are happy to meet cruise travelers who will never give up on us in the new season with our surprises. We have added to our awards a new Far Route Travel Awards that we are proud of.” (Celestyal Cruises)

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