Cancer cell diagnosis for US President Joe Biden


The doctor of US President Joe Biden said that the tumor taken during a biopsy is a cancer cell.

Physician to US President Joe Biden Kevin O’Connorpublished Dr. O’Connor’s report on the results of a February 16 biopsy of a lesion in Biden’s chest.

O’Connor stated that the tumor biopsy was a type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma: “All of the cancerous tissue was successfully removed.” used the phrase. Explaining that the area around the biopsy site is also subjected to electrodesiccation, O’Connor indicated that no additional treatment was necessary.

On the other hand, the doctor stated that the size of these lesions may increase, and said that his condition will be monitored under supervision as part of a routine control. In addition, Biden’s health “Fit for Presidential Duties” it has been reported.

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