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The “Hobbit Village”, consisting of five houses, built by four sisters living in Kreševo ​​to popularize the city in which they were born, bears traces of both the “Middle World” and the culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In Kreševo, in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, houses buried in the ground, known as “hobbit houses” and attracting attention with their interesting architecture, will open their doors to visitors in the summer.

The decoration of the hobbit houses, which are depicted as the habitats of the Hobbit race in the fictional universe of Middle-earth by the world-famous author J. R. R. Tolkien, are made by four Bosnian sisters.

The sisters, who want to promote Kreševo, where they were born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, aim to both contribute to tourism and offer tourists an extraordinary experience by creating a hobbit village consisting of five houses.

Maria Milicevic, who came up with the idea for the hobbit house, revealed in her statement that she is a geotechnical engineer and said she received the most support from her family and sisters in drawing and building “smiling” houses out of the ground.

Every sister decorates the house

After stating that each of the sisters bought a house and decorated it the way they wanted, Maria revealed that two houses were completed and the remaining three houses were in the process of being completed.

Maria stated that she wanted to create such a place because of her interest in traveling to different countries and staying in unusual places. said.

Noting that the construction of the Hobbit houses began in February, Maria stated that the work would be completed by spring.

Maria said that she named the hobbit house “Auber”, which she built herself. “I gave the name to the Cave Auber, where mercury was once mined. All the details in the house are also associated with mercury. We made the ceiling look like a ceiling. The ceiling of a cave,” he said.

Expressing that they had decided to leave the decoration of the house to their parents, Maria said that interest in hobbit houses is growing and those who love hobbits visit these houses.

“We take people to the past”

Another sister, Miliana Milicevic, an architect, said she named her house “Lipa” and said that linden is a plant associated with a happy childhood and nature.

Miliana, who stated that she took up drawing houses because of her profession, stated that building a house buried in the ground was a challenge.

Noting that lately people are interested in what is “other,” Milihana said: “We are bringing people back to the past. They also have their own private lives.” said.

Miliana said that the craftsmen who worked on the construction of the hobbit houses were very surprised by this project. he said.

While the third sister, Vedrana Miličević, is building a hobbit house based on the town where Katarina, one of the queens of Bosnia, lived in history, Valentina Milličević is designing a mountain-style decoration.

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