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Havaş, Turkey’s leading airport ground handling services provider, has sent a letter to Russian and Belarusian airlines saying it may stop servicing the American-made aircraft they use.

In a January 31 letter seen by Reuters, Havaş said it could apply to Russian airlines to comply with US export controls over the war in Ukraine.

Khawash also advised Russian airlines to plan their flights from now on with aircraft using less than 25 percent of American technology.

The letter, titled “Possible Restrictions on Boeing Aircraft,” was sent days before the meeting, in which US officials urged the Turkish government and private sector to cooperate with US sanctions against Russia.

The letter used the phrase “some or all aircraft of Russian and Belarusian airlines use more than 25 percent of American technology.”

Russian troops used Belarus as a springboard for attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv at the start of the war. However, Belarus did not directly participate in the occupation.

Havas said the Turkish aviation industry had received warning letters from the US Department of Commerce.

In his letter, Hawash said: “As part of this, we are conducting due diligence to identify risks and implications for our business and stakeholders. As a result, we will not be able to serve some or all of your flights.”

As part of extensive Western sanctions and export controls on Moscow, the United States has imposed licensing restrictions on parts and services used in aircraft manufactured in the United States, such as Boeing aircraft, or containing up to 25 percent American materials.

Khavash asked Russian and Belarusian airlines for a list of their aircraft containing less than 25 percent of American technology and advised them to plan their flights on those aircraft.

Havaş, a major Turkish airport ground handling service provider, operates in major Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Adana.

In January, The Wall Street Journal reported that if top U.S. officials provided services such as refueling and spare parts for U.S.-made aircraft from Russia and Belarus in December, Turkish individuals or institutions would face sanctions such as fines and jail time or imprisonment. export privileges. He wrote that they warned.

The report claimed that U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Thea Roseman Kendler delivered the message to authorities during her visit to Turkey in December.

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