Blizzards will operate on the northern line of the USA for 3 days – WORLD


3 days of blizzards will operate on the northern line of the United StatesStrong winds and snowfall from the west side of the US are reported to be in effect on a line extending to the Atlantic Ocean in the east for 3 days from today.NEW YORK (AA) – The northern strip, stretching from California in the country’s westernmost state to Maine at the northeast end, will be at risk of dangerous snowfall and strong winds for 3 days, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). for travel in the region will deteriorate. Hazardous conditions such as frost, frost, snow and icing will affect more than 65 million people in 29 states. In the US state of Minnesota, on the border with Canada, snow depth is expected to exceed 60 centimeters in 3 days, reaching peak in 30 years – More than 1,000 flights canceled FlightAware Monitoring According to the website, more than 1,070 scheduled domestic and international flights were canceled in the US today, with 999 delays reported. Minneapolis, Denver, Detroit and Chicago. According to the report, power lines were damaged in California due to severe storms and over 100,000 power Residents were left without electricity. On the other hand, as March approaches, mild winter conditions continue to be seen even in Washington, DC, and below, the US capital.

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