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US President Joe Biden will meet today in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, with the leaders of nine countries that make up NATO’s eastern bloc. Biden also said in his speech yesterday that Russia cannot win in Ukraine.

US President Biden will meet with staff at the US Embassy in Warsaw and then meet with the leaders of nine countries known as the Bucharest Nine.

The leaders’ summit that Biden will attend today will bring together the leaders of 9 former members of the Soviet Union, known as the Bucharest Nine. The meeting will be attended by the leaders of Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia.

At the meeting, Biden is expected to highlight continued U.S. support for Ukraine and raise issues of coordination with NATO countries.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda, who will attend the meeting, said yesterday in a statement to Lithuanian Radio that he would ask for more support from the US President.

In his statement, Nausėda said that, on the one hand, assistance to Ukraine must continue, on the other hand, Lithuania and other countries on NATO’s eastern border need support in issues such as air defense and advanced defense systems, as well as investment in the defense industry.

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