Belgium has analyzed the sewage of aircraft from China for the presence of Covid-19. Last Minute EUROPE, Belgium, CURRENT, TOURISM headlines and events


Belgian Health Minister Frank Vandenbroek said they had analyzed sewage from aircraft from China, where cases have increased since the lifting of COVID-19 measures, and that the number of coronaviruses detected is not alarming.

Vandenbroek relayed information about aircraft testing from China to the Belgian parliament’s health committee.

Noting that the sewage from 5 aircraft had been sent for analysis since early January, Vandenbroek said there was a “very limited amount” of coronavirus in the results.

Vandenbroek said the amount of virus is not enough for genome sequencing to detect, so it’s currently impossible to know if a new variant came from China.

Minister Vandenbroek also said that after Belgium required passengers from China to test negative for COVID-19 before flying, approximately 800 passengers have tested positive.

After China eased its measures to combat Covid-19 early last month, many countries, concerned about the increase in cases and the massive spread in the country, have announced that they will take measures for travelers from China.

In addition to European Union (EU) countries such as Italy, Spain, France, many countries such as the United States, India, Japan, Malaysia, England, Australia and Canada have announced measures to test and monitor their health for passengers traveling from China. and their regions.

The EU Commission wanted the same measures to be applied in a coordinated way throughout the Union, and most EU countries agreed with this view.

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