Beijing’s reaction to the US downed Chinese spy balloon. Last Minute WORLD headlines and events


The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Beijing will continue to protect its legitimate rights and interests, and also reserves the right to retaliate.

China claims that the balloon in question is not for reconnaissance purposes, but is a research balloon that has gone astray.

The Pentagon, on the other hand, denies this claim and says the balloon was for reconnaissance purposes.

The balloon was dropped by a rocket launched from an F-22 fighter jet over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina on Saturday.

It was noted that the wreckage of the balloon scattered over an area of ​​about 10 km in the ocean and several ships participated in the process of collecting the wreckage.

America’s goal is to study the information contained in the balloon.

President Joe Biden personally told reporters that the balloon had been deflated and said he gave the order for its descent on Wednesday.

It is stated that the Pentagon is waiting for the right moment to deflate the balloon so that no one is hurt on the ground.

US military officials say the balloon entered US airspace over Alaska Jan. 28, crossed into Canadian airspace on Monday, and re-entered US airspace from Idaho on Tuesday.

President Biden was also informed of this that day.

The balloon was later spotted on Wednesday over Montana, where nuclear missile depots are located.

Following the incident, Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken’s planned visit to China was postponed.

Meanwhile, some Republican congressmen say the bubble was dropped too late and criticize the White House.

The incident in question is said to have further strained relations between the two countries, which were already tense.

A US official said Chinese spy balloons have been spotted in US airspace in recent years.

According to the official, at least three spy balloons were found in US airspace under Trump, at least one under Biden, but none of them stayed in the air for so long.

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