Bashar al-Assad: “We are waiting for action!” – Kent News Agency


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said: “Turkey has shown that it is ready to meet the demands of Syria, but Damascus expects actions from Ankara, not words.” said.

He made accusations that President Erdogan might also meet with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Qatar, where he went to the opening of the World Cup. Sharing his views on the subject, President Erdogan said, “There is no grudge or resentment in politics. When the time is right, you will sit down, evaluate it, and be able to upgrade accordingly. At the moment, we, as Turkey, can review relations with countries with which we have difficulties in these matters. Especially after the June elections, we can do it again. And accordingly, I hope that we can continue our journey. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, I’m not an ordinary politician. Therefore, when the time comes, we can also follow the path of meeting with the President of Syria. At the moment, low-level negotiations are already underway.” he said.


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who gave statements to the Syrian media regarding the latest domestic and foreign policy situation, said that meetings were held with Turkey at the “intelligence level”, but the level of bilateral negotiations “will soon be upgraded.”

In addition, according to regional media, Assad stressed that they are waiting for action and said:

“Turkey has shown that it is ready to meet the demands of Syria. Syria expects action from Turkey, not words. Ankara may be more determined in its political orientation than some Arab countries. However, it is impossible to judge whether Turkey’s position is sincere or just a political maneuver. It is wrong for journalists and researchers to measure any country’s policy change in terms of personnel changes.”

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